Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The companies of the Festo Group commit themselves to the compliance with all national and international laws, guidelines, regulations and self-imposed business rules and consider this to be a self-evident personal responsibility as well as obligation towards the corporate and social environment, including our employees.

This self commitment has to be communicated internally and in particular externally regarding its adding value partners with this „Code of Conduct for Business Partners”. At the same time it is demonstrating and guaranteeing the business activities of the Festo Group, including their worldwide employees, to be legal and integer.

Please note the following generally valid Festo Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Festo Code of Conduct

Festo Group is an internationally active family owned company with a long-standing tradition and a high reputation among its business partners and employees. Festo Group emphasizes integrity and has a high standard with regard to ethics and legal compliance. With this code of conduct, we acknowledge our responsibility towards our commercial and social environment, including our employees working around the world.