Supplier Guideline


In times of globalisation, the purchasing function and the external interface to suppliers have continuously gained strategic importance and are increasingly becoming a decisive success factor.

Festo customers worldwide expect to be punctually supplied with high-quality, defect-free and environmentally compatible products that fulfil their demands at competitive costs.

Therefore, these supplier guidelines are driven by our customers’ requirements. While ensuring competitiveness, the three target dimensions of quality, cost and availability are the focus in this respect.

The perfect condition and reliability of purchased components, materials and services as well as the proven process and quality proficiency of suppliers considerably contribute to reaching our goals.

The performance proficiency of our suppliers is thus an integral component of our product and process quality. The goal of the preventive measures, which always refer to the whole enterprise, must therefore read: “Error prevention instead of error correction”.

This requires process proficiency based on characteristics as well as continuous improvement of all processes and workflows. With combined efforts, stable and reliable processes must be achieved, thereby preventing wasted material, time and resources in general.

Purpose and scope

These supplier guidelines set out the procedures and define the course of action at suppliers and at Festo, all of which have to be implemented in order to ensure the quality of supplied components, materials and services.

Festo expects its suppliers to continuously and consistently implement all the described procedures and methods as well as completely fulfil all the specified requirements.

The suppliers are responsible for the quality of supplied parts, materials and services.

The outlined procedures and workflows are valid for all suppliers of materials, components and assemblies as well as trade goods and services for Global Production Centres (GPC) and Regional Service Centres (RSC) of Festo.

Official Language

The business language is the national language of the purchasing unit or British English.